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Who is this box set for?

This box set is for anyone who has not set up a will or to remind people with a will of the importance of keeping it up to date.

About this box set

The majority of adults in the UK don’t have a will. Taking just 11 minutes to view, this box set will help your clients understand the importance of making and reviewing a will. It also prompts them to think about important things they’ll need to consider when drawing one up. The box set summarises the advantages of having a will and looks at the rules of intestacy too. It signposts a useful government website about the rules of intestacy where viewers can find out how the rules would apply to their own circumstances.

Because the laws of intestacy vary in the different countries in the UK this box set allows the viewer to select their UK country of residence so that they receive the most relevant information.

The viewer’s video choices and any click throughs to signposted websites are recorded in the viewing report.

Chapter Breakdown

1. Making and reviewing a will - 3 mins

A summary of the importance and benefits of making or reviewing a will and what a will can cover.

2. Reasons to make a will - 3 mins

What can a will do for you? The benefits of having one and the repercussions of not!

3. Dying without a will and the rules of intestacy - 3 mins

What happens if you die without a will and how this could lead to your assets being left to the wrong people. This chapter comes with regional options: England or Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland.

4. Useful pointers when writing your will - 3 mins

The important things you need to consider when writing or reviewing your will.

Runtime: 11 minutes

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