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Who is this box set for?

Every adult in the UK, in particular people aged 45+, who need to get a fuller understanding about the role the State Pension plays in their retirement income planning.

About this box set

Research undertaken by Money Alive shows that people’s understanding of the State Pension is woefully low. To help address this we’ve produced a two chapter box set about this universally important topic.

The first chapter, which takes less than 10 minutes to view, includes important facts such as State Pension age, how the benefit is calculated, and very useful information about patching up your National Insurance record if there are gaps. The second video, which the viewer has the option to watch or skip, includes more detailed information on the State Pension pre-simplification in 2016.

The box set also includes links to two really useful government web resources. The first enables viewers to get a State Pension forecast, invaluable information for retirement planning. The second allows viewers to examine their National Insurance record and identify any gaps. 

Invite people to view the Money Alive State Pension box set to help them become more knowledgeable about this important aspect of pension planning. You can include a web form on your website too so visitors can register directly to view the box set themselves. Web forms can work particularly well when used in conjunction with a social media campaign or to bring a newsletter article to life.

No aspect of retirement planning can be undertaken without knowing the exact details of a person's State Pension. As well as improving viewers knowledge, by encouraging them to get a forecast, this box set can help save valuable time.

The viewer’s video choices and any click throughs to signposted websites are recorded in the viewing report.

Chapter Breakdown

Chapter 1 - The State Pension - 9 mins

Find out how the State Pension works and how it fits into your retirement plans. This chapter also covers how much the state pension is, when you get it and what happens if you choose to defer it.

Optional Video - State Pension changes in 2016 - 7 mins

This chapter contains additional details about the changes made to the State Pension in 2016 and their potential impact.

Total runtime: 16 mins

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