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Money Alive’s Equity Release box set is an engaging, consistent and time saving way to educate clients and prospects who are thinking about releasing equity from their home. The box set looks at the two main types of products, Lifetime Mortgages and Home Reversion and covers important topics including the amounts you can typically raise, eligibility, the advice process, and potential impacts on means tested benefits. The interactive box set also looks at some of the alternatives people might consider and ongoing considerations once equity release is in place.


Chapter 1 - Releasing equity from your home

What is equity release and some important things you need to think about.

Chapter 2 - The benefits and important considerations

How equity release may help and the importance of good financial planning.

Chapter 3 - Checking State benefits

How financial support from the State might help and how means-tested benefits could be affected.

Chapter 4 - The two main types of equity release products

Lifetime mortgages and Home Reversions Schemes.

Chapter 5 - How much you can raise

The amount's you can typically raise and the costs for you and your estate.

Chapter 6 - The importance of interest rates

Understand how interest rates impact on your overall cost's and other expenditures you need to consider.

Chapter 7 - What happens after you’ve taken out equity release?

The impact of changes in house prices, paying your plan off early, and what happens if you move permanently into care or die.

Chapter 8 - Other options

Some alternative ways to boost your income or reduce your costs.

Chapter 9 - Getting advice on equity release

The application process, what to expect, and the value of professional advice.

Total runtime: 30 mins

We look forward to seeing how adviser's use this video journey as part of their client engagement and advice processes.

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