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About this box set:

Engage your clients and get them thinking about using the drawdown option for taking their pension benefits. Covers the key factors and considerations about this approach including flexibility, risk and tax. Showcases many of the areas an adviser can add real value to a client considering this at retirement option.

Money Alive’s PMI accredited Flexible Income journey is a 9 chapter box set consisting of an Introductory guide, Maintaining your drawdown income, Death benefits, Shopping around, Scams, Debt, Means-tested state benefits and concludes with a Case Study to cement the clients learning and understanding.

Who is this box set for?

Any adult, especially those that are approaching retirement, considering using a flexible drawdown pension as a retirement option.

Chapter breakdown:

1. Guide to flexible income

A guide to using your pension pot to provide a flexible retirement income.

2. Maintaining your FAD income

What do I need to consider when deciding the level of my FAD income?

3. Death benefits

What happens to my pension pot when I die?

4. Shopping around for FAD

How do I get the best product for me and my circumstances?

5. Tax

How will my lump sum be taxed?

6. Scams

How can I protect myself from pension and investment scams?

7. Debt

How might taking my pension pot impact me if I'm in debt?

8. Means-tested state benefits

How might taking my pension pot impact any State means-tested benefits?

9. Case study – flexible income

An example of someone who might benefit from having a flexible income.

Total runtime: 30 minutes

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