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Money Alive’s ‘Protect Yourself From Scams box set’ educates viewers about the ever increasing threat of scams and how they can reduce the chances of them becoming a victim. Comprising two short chapters the first, ‘Be alert to investment and pension scams!’ shows typical ways scammers approach people in order to steal their money. The second, ‘How Scamsmart can help’, gives some ideas about how viewers can protect themselves from scams and introduces the FCA’s Scamsmart website too.

The box set concludes with a link to Scamsmart and a PDF summarising the videos that viewers can download and keep with their financial documentation.

The viewing report you get not only shows the viewers confirmation they have watched and understood the videos (and any questions they have recorded) but also shows if they have clicked on the Scamsmart link and downloaded the summary PDF.

The box set is ideal for sending to your clients to help them become aware of the growing scourge of investment and pension scams. You can include a web form on your website too so visitors can register directly to view themselves. Web forms can work particularly well when used in conjunction with a social media campaign or to bring an article in a newsletter to life.


1. Be alert to pension scams! (2 mins)

Find out some of the typical ways scammers approach people in order to steal their money.

2. How Scamsmart can help (2 mins)

Find out how the FCA’s Scamsmart website can help protect you from being scammed.

Total Runtime: 4 mins

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