Investment Risk

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Who is this box set for?

These videos are for new and experienced investors. It will help first time investors understand the concept of investment risk and is also a useful refresher for the more seasoned investor. It is designed to work alongside your risk profiling tool of choice.

About this box set

After introducing the viewer to investment risk they highlight the potential benefits and rewards of investing as well as the possible downsides. The videos also discuss the importance of thinking about their financial goals and important considerations such as maintaining a cash reserve and portfolio diversification. They look at the approaches advisers use to find the right level of risk, ensuring both achievable objectives and comfort with potential outcomes. The videos also give clients a better understanding of the long term risk of inflation to their capital as well as the terms and concepts that may be used as part of the advice process.

Chapter Breakdown:

1. What is investment risk? - 6 mins

The video chapter talks about the importance of understanding investment risk. It highlights that with investment risk comes the opportunity for growth, reward and achieving lifestyle goals but the possibility of volatility and loss.

2. Taking investment risk with your money - 5 mins

This video delves deeper into understanding investment risk by exploring various asset classes and their associated risks and returns. It emphasises the importance of diversification, both across different asset classes and within each class, to manage risk effectively and optimise returns over time. 

3. So how much risk is right for you? - 4 mins

This chapter helps clients better understand how to consider risk by providing useful insights into the different factors they need to think about, including the need, financial ability and willingness to take risk. 

Total Runtime: 15 minutes

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