Lasting Power of Attorney

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Who is this box set for?

This box set is for anyone who has not set up a Lasting Power Of Attorney to help them think about the benefits of putting one in place. It can easily be shared with the viewer’s families, loved ones or trusted friends too. 

About this box set

In under ten minutes this box set gently introduces people to this sensitive topic, helping viewers understand the benefits of a Power of Attorney as well as things they need to think about when drawing one up. 

Because the rules regarding Lasting Power Of Attorneys vary in the different countries in the UK this box set allows the viewer to select their UK country of residence so that they receive the most relevant information.

The viewer’s video choices are recorded in the viewing report.

Chapter Breakdown

1. An introduction to Power of Attorneys - 3 mins

What are Power of Attorneys and why are they important?

2. The different types of Power of Attorneys - 2 mins

Find out more about the different types and when and how you can use them.

3. Why set up a Power of Attorney? - 2 mins

The reasons why you should set up a Power of Attorney sooner rather than later.

4. Choosing your attorney - 2 mins

Considerations, and the qualities you should look for in an attorney.

Runtime: 9 minutes

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