Portfolio Canvas: Using AI to present personalised and interactive investment portfolio reviews

Video Canvas
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Mar 2023
Aaron Coates
Chief Product Officer

At Money Alive, we're committed to giving our adviser customers the most effective communication tools to deliver their clients personalised and engaging experiences . That's why we're thrilled to introduce our latest product, Portfolio Canvas.

Portfolio Canvas is a smart video player. It uses AI-generated video presenters and dynamically generated slides with embedded client data to give a personalised portfolio review to investment clients. 

The presenter speaks to your client in plain English and covers their investment performance, asset allocation, fees, and suggested next steps (as directed by you the adviser). In addition, the video includes a gamification element. At the end of the experience the client is asked to undertake a brief recap exercise where they simply  drag and drop the correct words to complete X sentences. It’s an enjoyable way to emphasise key learnings from the Portfolio Canvas and  it provides evidence of their understanding, a key requirement of Consumer Duty.

We asked 25 people who have an investment portfolio with a financial adviser or investment platform to take part in our research. First, we asked them to view the video experience with example customer data. We then asked them the following questions:

  • Would you value being sent this as part of your investment review process?
  • Is this an improvement over the current communications you receive regarding your investments?

The results speak for themselves:

  • 88% of participants (22 out of 25) answered yes to the question, "Would you value being sent this as part of your investment review process?"
  • 80% of participants (20 out of 25) answered yes to the question, "Is this an improvement over the current communications you receive regarding your investments?"

Interestingly, these figures are in line with the survey feedback data we’ve collected in previous years from our Money Alive box set experiences, and almost exactly the same as research data from the similar pension pot statement video experience we developed in 2022. 

But it's not just the numbers that matter – it's the feedback we received from participants. Here are some of the feedback we received:

  • "I really like the idea of video. I think a lot of investment portfolios need to include a video cause especially for people who don't really understand. Paper is good, but this is invaluable to clients."
  • "It was first class. I really can't fault it at all. It was so easy to understand. I go away now knowing everything that I need to know, so yes, I would rather receive this than anything else."
  • "I think that's a really actually good way and easy way of explaining to people how shares, bonds, everything like that works and it just gives them a general view, and I think it's really easy to understand. I don't think it could have been explained in a better way."
  • "I've never seen anything like that before in terms of a portfolio recap. Everything's always been a letter copy or looking online at a statement. So for me, that's something that I'd find really beneficial, and if my provider was to do that, I'd certainly be looking at it."

The feedback received from participants confirms that Portfolio Canvas is a valuable tool for investment clients. The personalisation provided by the AI-generated video presenters, combined with the gamification element, delivers an engaging and effective experience. 

We believe Portfolio Canvas is going to play a key part in the adoption of AI-assisted technologies in the investment industry, providing clients with personalized and engaging experiences to better understand and manage their investments and appreciate the value their adviser provides to them.

If you’d like to find out more about Portfolio Canvas, please email us at sales@videocanvas.co.uk 

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