Redefining accessible and personalised communications in financial services: Video Canvas leads the way

Video Canvas
3m read
Mar 2024
Aaron Coates
Chief Product Officer

Personalisation and security are paramount in delivering effective communications on complex subjects. Video is no exception to the rule, but traditional personalised video solutions often aren't tailored to the challenges of presenting complex financial information. More specifically they struggle to deliver it in an accessible way. At Money Alive, we're rethinking the way financial information can be shared with Video Canvas – a solution built with accessibility, security, and deep personalisation at its core.


We believe personalisation only achieves its full potential when it's part of communication experiences that are accessible to everyone. That's why we offer a dedicated accessible version of our player, designed to meet WCAG 2.2 AA standards. This version ensures a seamless experience for users with visual impairments, cognitive disabilities, and other accessibility needs.

Video Canvas's accessible player comes with a range of options:

  • Enhanced Colour Contrast: Choose from multiple colour contrast ratios and combinations for optimal readability.
  • Dedicated Text-to-Speech Function: Complex financial concepts are explained clearly, benefiting those who prefer audio, or who have difficulty reading on-screen text.
  • Image Control: Users can turn images on or off, resulting in a less distracting experience for those who are sensitive to visual elements or rely on screen readers.

Video Canvas allows viewers to effortlessly toggle between the accessible and standard versions, ensuring a personalised experience that caters to their needs at any given moment.

The FCA Consumer Duty: Alignment with Video Canvas

The Financial Conduct Authority's (FCA) Consumer Duty places greater emphasis on ensuring that financial services firms prioritise delivering good outcomes for their clients. Video Canvas directly addresses key aspects of this duty:

  • Understanding Client Needs: Our accessible player's customisable features demonstrate a deep understanding of diverse user needs and preferences. It ensures that information is presented in a way that's relevant and comprehensible for every viewer, including vulnerable customers.
  • Clear Communication: Video Canvas transforms complex financial information into easily digestible, plain-English explanations, empowering clients to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions.
  • Products and Services that Offer Fair Value: By enhancing understanding, Video Canvas helps clients clearly see the value they receive from your products and services, fostering trust through understanding.

Our commitment: Continuous improvement

We're dedicated to a culture of inclusion. Through ongoing user research with individuals who rely on assistive technologies, we're constantly evolving the Video Canvas experience. This approach ensures we stay at the forefront of accessibility, incorporating the latest AI advancements and inclusive design best practice.

An inclusive future for financial services

Video Canvas breaks down barriers, empowering financial institutions to connect with a broader audience and provide a genuinely personalised experience for every customer. At Money Alive, we share the FCA's commitment to high standards of customer care and support the drive for greater accessibility within financial services. We believe in the power of personalised video to communicate complex information in an engaging way, and we're committed to ensuring everyone can benefit, regardless of their abilities.

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