The launch of our new care box set marks a new phase for the Money Alive platform where we expand into areas outside of pensions and into other areas including Long Term Care, WIlls, Power of Attorney and Investment Risk.

This box set titled ‘Understanding Long Term Care’ is the first of the two Long Term Care box sets and is perfect for advisers wishing to educate clients (or their family members) about how the care system works and the different ways care can be funded and paid for. Because of its complexity advisers can often find themselves spending hours and hours explaining the basics which is where Money Alive can help create a more streamlined, efficient and profitable solution. The box set is comprehensive covering topics including; the difference between health care and social care, NHS Continuing Healthcare, NHS Funded Nursing Care, getting a care needs assessment, getting a financial assessment, deprivation of assets and getting a carers assessment.

Money Alive worked with Jacqueline Berry an expert in Long Term Care and Founder of My Care Consultant to produce and present the first video in the box set who comments the new addition is “A really helpful way for advisers to educate more clients in this important and growing area.”

My Care Consultant (MCC) helps advisers help those in need of care, their family members, carers or legal representatives to navigate the care systems that operate across the UK.

MCC provides a range of support services for adviser’s clients, starting with a free no-obligation 15-minute telephone consultation, enabling the adviser to concentrate on the financial aspects of paying for care. In addition, MCC provides online technical support to advisers wishing to develop a holistic approach to care advice via an innovative website called Care Box. This contains an extensive range of relevant, accurate, updated information and guidance in respect of care related topics and the ways to pay for care, as well as a sales toolkit to help advisers develop their business.