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How do you implement ‘value add’ services to your proposition without increasing costs and resources while evidencing their value to clients?


Set yourself apart by communicating complex financial information to your clients and their employees through engaging, impartial and accredited video content in bite-size chunks.

In doing so, make sure that every client and their employees consistently receive the same, compliant message and content time after time.

View and download reports that show who's received the message, how much of the video content they have watched, any questions that they've raised along the way and an acknowledgement that content has been viewed, and importantly, understood.

Set custom call-to-actions with each journey to signpost further information, or provide links to your preferred product providers, minimising queries from employees.

Why use a video platform at all?

Video learning has wide-appeal - 98% of our viewers surveyed said they “valued” being given video information and 84% of our viewers who watched one video went on to view many more videos.

Improved engagement - Introducing video in your digital communications can boost engagement rates by up to 65%.

Analytics and automation - Tracking engagement end-to-end is a powerful tool for understanding your audience and making faster business decisions benefiting your audience and firm.  

Whether it’s issuing pension warm up communications or reaching Generation X employees at a specific firm with a precise message, you can use the features of the platform to select your audience, determine what content you want them to see, track their progress and include custom next steps as a call to action. You’ll also be able to sit back, safe in the knowledge that all platform content is kept up to date, compliant and relevant by the experts at Money Alive.

Example A

John is an Employee Benefits Consultant.

He needs to send scheme communications for one of his clients. Instead of rifling through his files to find product specific PDFs, scheduling time in his team’s diaries to conduct presentations that only reach 60% of the audience and not being able to keep track of who has and hasn’t received the communications other than a read receipt from his Marketing team - he opts to use the Money Alive platform.

In less than 10 minutes, he selects the box set(s) that he wants to share with his client’s employees, customises the message that he wants to include and schedules the delivery time in line with his client’s requirements. He also includes a link to the pension provider’s website for further information, to prevent him and his client being inundated with queries.

He checks in after a week to track progress. He can see (on the platform dashboard) who’s yet to start their video journey, who has started, how far through it they are, or if they’ve viewed all of the chapters. He quickly sends a reminder via the platform to those that haven’t completed the full journey and downloads a progress report to share with his client.

Example B

Charlotte works for a Pensions Provider.

She wants to show her potential new client why they should choose her firm over the competition. Charlotte shows them how she’s using the Money Alive platform to deliver ‘wake-up’ communications to those approaching retirement age. She highlights all of the information that she’d normally send like the Money Advice Service Factsheet and a single page summary document but highlights to her client that often these messages can be missed. She shows them that to support the communications process, she enrols all employees onto a video engagement journey that includes the Pension Freedoms, Flexible Income and Guaranteed Income box sets for them to view.

Charlotte goes on to show how she uses the Money Alive dashboard to monitor interactions and send reminders to anybody that hasn’t engaged. She’s able to demonstrate how employees show that they have fully watched all of the content and how better prepared they are for early conversations around retirement options as a result.

Charlotte's client is impressed by her innovative approach and acknowledges that the use of video in the communications process makes the process feel more modern and information easier to digest.

Who’s it for?

Anyone who is involved in member/employee engagement or works in a professional communications role.

The Money Alive award winning platform is unique and has technical capabilities out of the box as well as a library of educational video experiences to use straight away. Here are some examples to consider.

Role Purpose Topic Audience Outcome
Trustee Reduce scheme and member risk from scams Money Alive's Protect yourself from Scams box set Pension Scheme Member Clicks to ScamSmart and downloads summary document
Employer Communication of a new company-wide financial initiative Bespoke branded videos  All relevant Employees Viewer clicks to sign up for the new initiative
Corporate adviser Run a bulk member DB transfer and/or PIE exercise Money Alive's Final Salary Transfer box set or PIE box set Members Opts in or out of the change
Employee Benefit Consultant Added value to corporate clients and employees Any from the video library Corporate clients employees EBC wins / retain corporate clients

Why use Money Alive?

Money Alive is a market leader in video engagement and our multi-award winning platform is trusted by hundreds of firms to deliver educational content through our unique interactive video experiences.

To date, we have over 250k videos viewed and based on a sample size of over 9,000 individuals, 94% said they were “better informed” and 98% said they valued being given access to the platform.  

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