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Using the Money Alive Workflow Feature

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How do you reach tens, hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of individuals with information in a fast, scalable and cost-efficient way and track the effectiveness of the communication?


Use the Money Alive Workflow feature to design and deploy a fully online, interactive video campaign to educate or inform your audience on a topic, check their understanding and drive them to one of your pre-set outcomes/next steps.  

Why use a video platform at all?

  • Video learning has wide-appeal - 98% of our viewers surveyed said they “valued” being given video information and 84% of our viewers who watched one video went on to view many more videos.
  • Improved engagement - Introducing video in your digital communications can boost engagement rates by up to 65%.
  • Analytics and automation - Tracking engagement end-to-end is a powerful tool for understanding your audience and making faster business decisions benefiting your audience and firm.

How it works

First, pick your subject matter for the viewers to be educated/updated on. This could be a topic from the existing Money Alive video library or we can work with you to develop your own messaging and turn this into an interactive video experience.

Then pick how your audience will be invited to the workflow. We have multiple options for this that can complement your existing processes:

  1. Email campaign - We’ll supply a branded webform for you to distribute to your audience allowing them to join your campaign.
  2. Integration, connect your newly launched video workflow with your exciting website/application or CRM to give your viewers immediate access.
  3. Physical mailing - Don’t have your viewers email address? No problem. Generate a short link with their unique viewer ID (optional) and send this to them via the post or hand out for them to be forwarded to the correct registration page to join the campaign. A tried and tested way to turbo charge audience engagement.

Finally, set your Next Step options - These are the clickable options at the end of the video experience you use to drive your viewers to take action. Example usage:

  • Booking a meeting or a call back
  • Progressing to the next part of the journey
  • Requesting more information
  • Simply marking they understood the information
  • ...or opting out of the process

At all stages of the workflow being live, you can see the progression of viewers through the stages on the workflow review which is available online and as a downloadable PDF or CSV, we even provide a sharable reporting dashboard to send on to third-parties.  

Who’s it for?

The Money Alive award winning platform is unique and has technical capabilities out of the box as well as a library of educational video experiences to use straight away. Most of our customers come from a financial services advisory or compliance background, but the platform is ideal for anyone involved in member/employee engagement or works in a professional comms role.

Role Purpose Topic Audience Outcome
Trustee Reduce scheme and member risk from scams Money Alive's Protect yourself from Scams box set Pension Scheme Member Clicks to ScamSmart and downloads summary document
Employer Communication of a new company-wide financial initiative Bespoke branded videos  All relevant Employees Viewer clicks to sign up for the new initiative
Corporate adviser Run a bulk member DB transfer or PIE exercise Money Alive's Final Salary Transfer box set or PIE box set Members Opts in or out of the change
Employee Benefit Consultant Added value to a corporate clients employee Any from the video library Corporate clients employees EBC wins / retain corporate clients

Case study

A Pension scheme DB transfer exercise (Client under NDA).

We partnered with a large consultancy firm to develop a strategy to reach their customers scheme members with a fast and cost effective video engagement campaign.

The members were invited via a posted welcome pack with a personal code that gave them access to the video experience before driving them on to the predefined next steps.

  • 1600 members were contacted by post with our tracking codes.
  • 608 registered to watch the Final Salary box set via a client branded campaign form - conversion rate of 38%.
  • 524 completed the video experience (44 helped by the automatic reminder feature) - an 86% completion rate.
  • 506 clicked the abridged advice option at the end of the box set (96.6% of those who completed).
  • The exercise was completed in 3 weeks.
  • 50+ questions were lodged by members and automatically shared with their adviser to address at the advice stage.

Why use Money Alive?

Money Alive is a market leader in video engagement and our multi-award winning platform is trusted by hundreds of firms to deliver educational content through our unique interactive video experiences. To date, we have over 250k videos viewed and based on a sample size of over 9,000 individuals, 94% said they were “better informed” and 98% said they valued being given access to the platform.    

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