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Mar 2019
Ian Beestin

The videos cover key topics including risk, taxation, dependants, death benefits and shopping around. Like Money Alive’s Final Salary content, they are written by experts, filmed in an engaging style, accredited by the Pensions Management Institute and use research including the ABI’s Ideas 42 and the FCA’s Smarter Communications.

The videos can be used by advisers ahead of meetings with clients where they can help save time and reduce an adviser’s risk.

Like our popular Final Salary Journey, the new content is filmed in an engaging style — beautiful locations and colourful animations. The new journeys enable advisers to showcase many of the areas advisers need to consider when giving advice and where they can add real value to a client considering their at retirement options.

Money Alive’s Flexible Income Journey (drawdown) is in 9 chapters comprising an Introductory guide, Maintaining your drawdown income, Death benefits, Shopping around, Tax, Scams, Debt, Means-tested state benefits and concludes with a Case Study to cement the clients learning and understanding. It takes 24 mins to watch.

Money Alive’s Guaranteed Income Journey (annuity) is in 8 chapters comprising an Introductory guide, Inflation, Joint life, Guaranteed death benefits, Health & lifestyle, GAR and Shopping around. The journey concludes with a Case study to cement the clients learning and understanding. It takes 29 mins to watch.

As you’d expect, at the end of each chapter the Money Alive platform asks clients to confirm they watched it, understood it, and if not, they have the opportunity to ask questions which are shared, in real time, with your Money Alive dashboard.

Money Alive will be introducing new and advantageous pricing plans to Money Alive in April 19 but in the meantime the two new journeys can be used for free and we would welcome feedback on them.

If interested, you can read the FCA’s Policy Statement PS19/1.

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