Money Alive 2020 platform update

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Nov 2019
Aaron Coates
Chief Product Officer

Today the Product Team and I are pleased to announce that on Thursday 28th November we will start to roll out our biggest platform update so far which includes two new box sets covering new financial topics and a completely overhauled and improved user interface for clients.

New box sets

It’s always been the vision of our CEO Andy Kirby (who is himself a financial adviser) to bring to market a solution to help advisers engage and see more clients in a wide range of areas. Supported by the success of our Final Salary and Pension Freedoms box sets and the feedback from our own customers, we’ve produced ‘Understanding long term care’ and ‘Power of Attorneys’.

Understanding long term care - Before an adviser looks at the options of paying for care it's important that clients understand how the care system works. This box set provides invaluable information for people who are new to the care system and will help them understand more about the processes, funding and the parties involved.

Power of Attorney - Help your clients understand more about the benefits of a Power of Attorney, why it’s important to have one, and what they need to consider when drawing one up. The box set allows the viewer to select their UK country of residence in order that they get the most relevant information.

Both of these box sets will be available straight away in the 2020 edition and throughout December they will be available for use with no credit charge.

These new box sets are just the start of an ambitious schedule of adding new content to our platform. We’re currently producing a number of new box sets covering and will be adding them to the platform over the next four months:

  1. Paying for Care - Dec 2019
  2. Drawdown Reviews - Dec 2019
  3. Investment Risk - Q1 2020
  4. Inheritance Tax - Q1 2020
  5. Wills - Q1 2020

New user interface

In summer 2019 we ran a large client survey and took feedback on our viewers Money Alive experience, both from a content and technology perspective. For the most part the feedback was beyond our expectations with some of the highlights being the following:

  • 97.6% of viewers agreed they were better informed ahead of their advice meeting
  • 98.8% of viewers valued their adviser giving them access to Money Alive
  • 9.3 /10 was the average score viewers gave the quality of Money Alive’s information

The survey included a section where clients could enter comments about their experience using the platform and in particular the video interface. Based on this feedback we’ve made several improvements including the following:

  1. On some box sets the chapters are now more interactive with options to skip videos which are not relevant to the viewer’s circumstances.
  2. Viewers are given the option to answer short questions such as “What part of the UK do you live in” and the player responds by serving up videos based on their response.
  3. The player now remembers the viewer progress on an individual video and allows the viewer to “seek” to a specific part of the video.
  4. A wider range of mobile and tablet devices will be supported with several optimisations to the media to ensure our media fits on all screens. (this feature is currently in test and being released later on in December).

How can I find out more?

If you’re already a Money Alive customer you can either wait for your account to be upgraded to the 2020 edition (likely in the next week or two) or get in touch with us via the support chat and we’ll aim to upgrade your account as soon as possible.

If you’re new to Money Alive you can start a trial of the 2020 edition here. You’ll have a chance to demo all of the box sets and test the platform with some real clients.

As always, we’re here to answer any questions at

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