New Feature: Custom Next Steps Screen

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Nov 2020
Adam Olphin
Online Product Advocate

A highly requested and long awaited feature is now available on the Money Alive platform. The Custom Next Steps Screen allows system users to personalize their offboarding process once a client has finished a journey.

Drive clients and prospects to web pages, adviser calendars, documents, forms, surveys, online fact finds etc - it’s your choice. Best of all, these actions are recorded and evidenced on your client reports and downloadable CSV.

Integrate with your workflow

One of the most useful parts of the custom Next Steps feature is that each box set can be customized with its own bespoke Next Steps Screen, which is not only tailored to the content but also tailored to your workflow. Allowing you to seamlessly off-board clients to a place of your choice.

Each one of these Next Steps Screens also comes with a preview option in which you can see how your bespoke end screen will look to your clients.

Example use cases include:

  • Add a link to your diary via Calendly at the end of the Money Alive’s educational box sets, giving your clients a seamless journey from learning to meeting.
  • Refer clients completing the wills and LPA box sets directly to your in house team or professional connections - to suit your firm’s process.
  • Take your clients to an online fact find to build a smoother path from engagement to advice - creating highly valuable and committed leads.
  • Direct clients back to your website or to a Google survey form - keep them interested and take the opportunity to engage with them and get feedback.
  • No longer specialise in a particular area? Still offer your client a service to explain their options and link them to a referral partner.
  • Do you write wills? Send out the wills box set to all clients suggesting they make/review a will with a link to your diary for an appointment to arrange.
  • If you don’t write LPA’s, link your clients with a local solicitor and have their details as next steps.
  • Partner's with local care homes/local authority to help those wanting to understand the care system.

We hope these features will allow you to engage with your clients in a more seamless and automated way. If you have any feedback please feel free to let us know.

If you’re new to Money Alive you can start a trial of the platform. You’ll have a chance to demo all of the box sets and test the platform with some real clients.

Talk to your Money Alive contact for more information on this powerful new feature.

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