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Adviser Portal Video Forms

From 'anonymous' to informed prospect

Key educational videos from the award winning Adviser Portal are now available as individual players for use on adviser's websites. Visitors who view the media are given the option to register for the full Money Alive video journey, creating an engaged sales prospect.

  • #1 Embed

    Generate the player embed code from your Adviser Portal account and our player template will adapt to your website layout. No tinkering required – it even works on mobile devices, too.

  • #2 Educate

    Full production quality video covers topics such as Final Salary transfers. Guaranteed income and Flexible income. All our videos are independently accredited and written by experts.

  • #3 Convert

    Users can register for the full series of videos for their chosen topic. Providing their details via the players built-in form gives them immediate access to the Money Alive journey and saves them as a lead in your account.

Have better client conversations

We believe better information leads to better decisions and better outcomes. Therefore a conversation with a prospect who's educated on a financial topic is more likely to seek advice and move forward with their financial goals.

Stand out from other firms

Most adviser sites are comprised of simply text and images. Give viewers another reason to visit and stay on your site. Stand out from the competition with engaging media and benefit from a Google/Bing SEO boost.

How important is online video?

A small sample of our client research conducted in Q1 2018 concluded the following.

  • 94%

    Prefer to watch a Money Alive video than read a document

  • 77%

    Said video would help them make a more informed financial decision

  • 94%

    Would welcome companies using video when explaining complex topics

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