What do clients think about Money Alive?

We recently spoke to Steve Balmer, Financial Adviser and Managing Director of David Allen, to find out what his clients’ reactions to watching videos from Money Alive have been.

Steve also talks about how Money Alive is helping him to educate and prepare clients for meetings as well as manage risk.

He says: “The heavy lifting had been taken away…a breath of fresh air.”

Take a look at the video to find out more.

“When we first got the system it was very much DB orientated and very much about risk. Now it’s about educating clients and the feedback we get!…We had one recently for the Lasting Power of Attorney videos…the clients feedback was absolutely amazing…When Trudy was there she just had to do the paperwork - the heavy lifting had been taken away…a breath of fresh air.

Steve Balmer, MD and IFA

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