Video Case Study: David Allen

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Nov 2020
Adam Olphin
Online Product Advocate
We found sending the videos as part of the initial introduction to David Allen’s, a really powerful way of saying that we’re a professional organization.

Steve Balmer is a financial adviser with David Allen in the North West of England. David Allen provide accountancy, financial and IT services and has over a hundred staff over 5 locations. They have been a client of Money Alive since July 2018.

Recently, Andy Kirby, the CEO of Money Alive, sat down with Steve Balmer to discuss how the Money Alive platform has improved their business from the perspective of a registered IFA.

Here are some important takeaways from their conversation:

“So when they come to that first meeting, we want them to be fully prepared that we’re taking this meeting seriously.”

“We’re not a huge national IFA, but we want to act like a huge national IFA, and these videos, because we don’t have the internal marketing prowess or budget shall we say, it’s really helped us look so much more professional than our local competitors”

“Obviously one of the good things about the Money Alive system is it gives me an update as to how many videos they’ve watched. And for when they come to that first meeting, it’s taken a lot of the heavy lifting away from us.”

We hope these comments highlight the value that we bring to our customers. If you would like to inquire about joining the Money Alive platform, you can book a demo here

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