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Consumer Duty
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May 2023
Ian Beestin

We recently had the pleasure of speaking to one of our customers, Katie Glascott of Hather Financial Services, about her experience of using the Money Alive platform and how it has helped to construct a more effective, robust and compliant advice process that her clients engage with.

“As an adviser Money Alive is now an integral part of the service I provide for my clients. Everyone takes in information in different ways, and I have found the box sets incredibly useful for giving a quick overview into the services we can provide in a way that the clients understand easily.

I have found client responses to the box sets to be very positive, they feel more informed when I arrive for our meeting and are therefore more keen to start talking about the topics we are covering. In the areas I work in this makes a big difference as sometimes people can be very hesitant to talk about topics such as protection and wills as they aren’t the cheeriest of subjects!

For new clients, the box sets enable us to make a positive and professional first impression after initial enquiry. For existing clients they can be used to introduce other areas of advice we could help them with and we also use the box sets as a reminder of why the advice we gave previously was important as people forget why they have done certain things and don’t always read the reason why letters.

The box sets also give me a different way to touch base with clients that I haven’t seen for a while and are an important part of our plan as a business to meet the consumer duty outcomes.”

In addition, in an interview in the November 22 edition of Financial Planning Today Magazine, Colmore Partners put Money Alive in the top three software applications for their business. Describing Money Alive as a “great bit of kit” they explained how we provide “bitesize videos of technical matters for clients and break it down into simple terms”.

They went on to say “With the Consumer Duty looming these impartial, educational video box sets are more important than ever in ensuring your clients are given unbiased information across the advice process. With Money Alive you can not only do this but evidence it has been done.”

So that’s what adviser’s make of it, what about their clients?

After they have watched a box set, we offer viewers the chance to take a quick anonymous survey so we can measure the effectiveness of the communication services we provide. Based on results from over 13,000 responses, we use this information to continually improve our product and the results are clear:

98% valued their adviser giving them access to Money Alive.

94% believed they were now better informed ahead of their next meeting with their adviser.

91% said using Money Alive as a part of the advice process had helped their decision making.

95% considered Money Alive a valuable addition to the advice process.

Want to find out more?

With Consumer Duty just around the corner, achieving, checking, and evidencing client understanding has never been so important. If you’d like to hear more about how Money Alive can help you to meet these requirements, and have a demo to see how our Video Engagement Platform works in practice, please book a meeting here. 

Alternatively, you can go straight into a 7-day trial here.

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